Published on January 5th, 2017 | by Jeff M.


Debut of the BlogThis! Podcast

I feel like we’re debutantes in Mississippi circa 1964.  We are “presenting” ourselves to the greater world, unveiling our voices and how we can potentially both relate to and support our fellow entrepreneur community.  Although we have loftier goals than joining the Ladies Who Lunch circuit (no disrespect to Jeff, gentlemen can have lunch too) it is indeed an inauguration of sorts for both of us.

Our first session includes a bit of history and introduction, since we’re the new podcasting kids on the block.  The highlights include growing up together in Wisconsin (yes, the land of The Fonz, Harley Davidson, Miller Lite and fried cheese curds) and where our life paths have taken us once we escaped left.

Yes, you can (I do) manage a 40 person firm from your couch.  Please note that I specifically said from my couch, not on my couch.  My father got very worried that people will get the wrong impression about the nature of my business.  I will walk you through what kind of ingredients, habits and characteristics it takes to do that effectively, while maintaining some semblance of balance.  I interview a candidate, I put a batch of my famous veggie muffins in the oven.  I fire a client, I unload the dishwasher.  I take my middle son to a birthday party, I write a blog post.  Doesn’t that sound balanced?

Jeff will address the difference between the value of a degree (not only a bachelor’s degree, but we’re talking to an MBA here, respect and red carpet please) and what a degree can and cannot do for you.  Jeff is a bootstrappy kind of a guy.  He earned his undergraduate degree online while working full time in tech support and changing diapers. Yes, real men change diapers. Upon graduation, his mentor convinced him that continued education was the way to go, so he buckled down further and added in-person classes, reports, statistics, papers and presentations to the work and midnight feeding regimen.  Exhausted but triumphant, Jeff earned his MBA and sat down to await his invitation from Price Waterhouse Coopers. Or the White House.

Neither appeared.

He was forced to confront the possibility that while an MBA (or any higher degree, for that matter) can potentially open doors, it is not an automatic membership card to the Old Boys Club, nor a pass go and collect your 6 figure salary permit.  Jeff was forced to reconsider not only his goals but his strategy to achieve them.

How does one go from “a guy with a paycheck” to “a man who derives satisfaction from his work”?  Jeff’s path became focused one day when he realized that his boss, his firm, his clients – simply did not have his best interests at heart, nor would they ever.  He walked, and became an entrepreneur.  Jeff has not looked back.

Neither should you.

Join us for our debut performance and get to know us!  Yes, we’re sarcastic. You’ll get used to it.

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