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We’re all adults here. And by “adults” I am not making any reference to X-rated content. Promise.  We all know what it’s like to exist in the day-to-day 9 to 5 grind, pay bills and attempt consistent sanity in an ever-expanding, ever-demanding world.  We can either embrace change, or step aside to make room for someone who will.

Step aside?  Yah, NO.  I’m looking to improve. Self-educate. Succeed and bring myself to a higher level as a professional, a spouse, a father and a human.  I’ve always brought my A-game – when working a day job, earning an MBA while parenting infants, struggling through a recession while founding a business.  Was I successful all the time?  Hell no. I’ll be the first to admit that I have failed on many levels.  My confidence has taken a beating or two, but I am determined to always pick myself up and make a mo’betta go of it.

The BlogThis! Manifesto

We have never before had such a level playing field where anyone, and I mean EVERYONE has an opportunity to make radical changes to improve their lives, their work, their balance.

It used to be that advertising was the realm of the suits in high offices on Madison Ave.  Now any Joe Shmoe can pay Google and reach his audience with laser targeted precision.

Need to sell your compost?  That’s an app for that.

Opinionated?  Start a blog.

Got an idea on how to build safe, cheap housing for disadvantaged populations? Finding funding and partnership are just a few clicks away.

Frankly, there are now too many ways to make a dollar out there. No longer does your passport hinder your ability to earn.  If you have a great idea, put it out there.  Someone will buy it.  My mom used to say (even back in 2004), “You can sell used condoms on the Internet…” And there goes my promise of no X-rated content.  Sorry.

So why this manifesto?

We’re just two snarky entrepreneurs managing our businesses, marriages, children and mortgages.  As kids, we were sold on the idea that you complete your education, land a job, and (hopefully) you’ll be set for life.  I remember being told when I was putting together my first resume that if I have more than 3 jobs in my whole(!) working career, that’ll be too many. Our parents retired at 65 with the gold wrist watch awarded for forty years of faithful union service.  We are not in Kansas anymore.

My longevity at any corporate job maxed out at four years.  Always by the end of year one, I was bored out of my skull, but didn’t have a way to channel my nervous energy into something more productive.  Up until a relatively short time ago, I let my job define me; who I was and where I was going to end up. Never again!

We’re not doing this to stroke our egos.  (Our kids keep that in check).  We’re doing this to show you that there’s another way.  An alternative, self empowering, realistic plan for you that does not involve foreclosing on your worldly possessions or rocking back and forth in a fetal position singing Disney songs.   We enjoy getting the word out, genuinely helping people, building their confidence, opening their eyes and paying it forward.  Hey, if we get a few brownie points out of it?  We’ll take the brownies…. mmmmmm….. brownies……

About this podcast:
Believe you me (ok, it’s the South Floridian in me coming out now – when I get my back up about things my accent rears its ugly head) it’s not that we like hearing our own voices through headphones (still getting used to that idea…).  We believe in a personal connection to a listener that only a podcast can deliver.  Where else can you get your fill of Jeff and Hilary on your own device, on your time and (if so inclined to listen to us at 2x) at your own speed.  We hope that you find our personal stories and banter inspiring, our methods intriguing and most importantly, entertaining.

If you have any comments or suggestions for topics or interviews, drop us line.  We’d love to hear from you…


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